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About Denise

Denise is a Generalist Counsellor with experience in Generalist Counselling, emergency and crisis counselling and Family Domestic Violence. Denise is a registered member with the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation Association (PACFA) and the College of Counsellors. Denise holds a Diploma of Health Counselling, Diploma of Counselling and a Bachelor of Counselling completed through The Australian College of Applied Psychology Sydney NSW.

Denise’s fascination of how and why we react to events in life led her into the field of counselling. Coupled with wanting to gain greater awareness, firstly her own, and secondly to assist others during vulnerable times.

The service Denise provides is based on acceptance, commitment, understanding and empowerment. Denise listens and provides, honest helpful feedback which enables client’s to look into themselves with curiosity and self-compassion. The approach Denise uses affords the opportunity for clients to step outside the difficulties. To accept what cannot be changed, to commit to the changes necessary for a better life and to find another perspective and act accordingly to the individual’s values.

People and counselling are Denise’s passion, Denise strives to assist those wanting to achieve greater life satisfaction. Denise works to empower others so they can move “towards” leading a rich and fulfilling life based on value guided action, and, “away” from the behaviours and actions that create havoc and turmoil in everyday living and relationships.

Services available:

  • Face to face counselling
  • Phone appointments
  • Home visits
  • Skype appointments

If you would like to speak with Denise to discuss fees and schedule a booking please phone  0411 987 673

Who attends Counselling?

Individuals, couples, children, adults, families, elderly or young, and those who feel different from others in the community. Anyone who feels stuck in their thinking or situation, or, struggle with their perspective not only towards others but also themselves.  Those who are aware something is out of sync but not sure why or what it is, and those who are grief-stricken unhappy, or not knowing how to make changes for the better. For some, it is about being heard and having feelings validated in a non-judgemental environment. We all need an empathetic listening ear at times and respect for differing cultures and beliefs.

Counselling is also for those who want to work toward taking steps to gain acceptance and greater control over the events that cannot be changed and work towards leading a rich and fulfilling life.

Counselling is for those who are seeking greater understanding of what is beneath the anxiety, depression, sadness, self-loathing, grief or confusion. For others, it may involve learning how to communicate more effectively on a deeper level or bond more closely with significant others in their life. Or, perhaps to break free of feelings of being unworthy, perhaps fear or shame that binds you from having the life you want.

If you would like to speak with Denise to discuss fees and schedule a booking please phone  0411 987 673

Therapeutic approach

Denise uses therapeutic methods best suited to the client’s needs.  One approach is Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) which  suits all age groups with  various difficulties, ACT resonates with Denise due to its practical and logical approach. Denise felt excited when learning this approach, as it deals with everyday relationships or issues  in a nonsensical manner. In ACT it is not about things or individuals  being “right or “wrong”, “ good or bad”, but rather about what is workable in your everyday life. It is about how to make the changes necessary to move towards your goals with values as the foundation.

Give yourself every chance of leading a rich fulfilling life.

If you would like to speak with Denise to discuss fees and schedule a booking please phone  0411 987 673

“We sought Denise’s assistance when experiencing relationship issues. At times my partner and I  felt uncomfortable when faced with Denise’s exploration and honesty regarding our behaviour toward each other. However,  in order for us to have the life we wanted we had to face our fears.  We gained skills and practised the exercises which led to us being able to communicate with each other based on our values rather than from a place of pain”.

Regina & Dan

“Denise enabled me to face my vulnerabilities when not feeling worthy, I was placing myself in destructive, risky situations which led to depression,  I now value who I am as a person, I receive and give respect which has a positive impact on my sense of worth and relationships with others. “



The secret of change is to focus all of your energy on not fighting the old, but on building the new”


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If you would like to speak with Denise to discuss fees and schedule a booking please phone  0411 987 673