Mature Individuals

Older members of the community may experience a different set of difficulties perhaps due to the death of a partner or separation from children. Or for some they may be trying to cope and care for an ageing partner with medical issues which is becoming increasingly more difficult.


If communication is lacking in families issues arise making it difficult to find resolution. It is through observing how the family interacts with one another that provides valuable insight for Denise. Together Denise and the client/s brings attention to the moment and work together with a flexible and curious approach.


At times parents can be too close to their children to provide the assistance they need. For some children, it is not unusual for them to be stuck in a particular developmental stage. They may experience bullying at school, be struggling academically or trying to cope with problems in the home. Parents can struggle with these issues due to the fact they love there child very much but unable to take an objective stance due to being too close to the issues.


When difficulties arise couples can shut down if feeling they may be under personal attack. By both partners attending counselling, it will provide the time to explore both parties values, hopes, dreams and realities. The action encouraged is to be true to one’s values allowing a space for flexibility.


Individuals attend counselling for many reasons, it may be difficulties in how they view themselves or family issues, or concerns with everyday relationships, or workplace struggles.